I had a client the other day who had a massive realisation. I want to share it as I think it may help you. you're OK

In sharing the true nature of thought with clients and when they understand it, they suddenly see and experience their fertility journey differently.

The client and I had the same image come in to our heads at the same time. We both pictured Kaa, the snake from the jungle book, his big spinning eyes, as I shared how thinking hypnotises us in to believing it’s an illusion of reality. It is the king of hypnosis and we get sucked in to believing the stories it tells us, which takes us away from the here and now, out in to the future, or back in to the past.

When you see thought for what it really is, just thinking, not truth you begin to tune in to your inner wisdom which comes with an innate sense of well-being, regardless of where you are on your fertility journey. A core belief of ‘I’m OK’ exists regardless of circumstances.

Sometimes as clients get to understand the nature of thought and become free from it, they think they should never feel ‘bad’ again.

The truth is, life is a contact sport, stuff happens whether it be negative test results or a friend telling you she is pregnant. Circumstances can trigger thinking patterns and we cannot choose our thinking. We can only choose whether we tune in to it and believe it.

Sometimes we forget, sometimes we are caught up in the story, such as ‘it’s never going to happen to me‘ or ‘there is something wrong with me’. The thing is, when we do, we can recognise it is just thought, and all thoughts come and go without us having to do anything. That is the nature of thought.

So we can feel upset, stressed, hopeless but deep down know we are OK because our innate well-being is not dependent on doing anything about it. It will pass, it has to because it is created by thought and thoughts come and go.

Just like you have to write down the shopping list because the it’ll have gone out of your head before you got to the shops. This was my client’s ‘aha’ moment, that she is OK regardless of she is feeling at any point in time. When you get insights like that you don’t lose them, you may forget them temporarily but they are not lost.

It is only when we entertain the thought, think we need to something about it to let go of the feeling, to resolve the problem, we get stuck in it and it gets worse. We start adding thought to thought and it spins faster and faster. Before we know it we are stuck in this place, overwhelmed and helpless.

So, next time you feel stressed, hurt, angry, you can remember you are only ever feeling your thinking which means it’ll pass, there is nothing you need to do, your innate sense of well-being is not dependant on doing anything about it.

You can stop digging yourself deeper in to it! You cannot fight thought with thought. You can trust your wisdom will catch you when you let go of it, let it pass through and you will regain a sense of peace and perspective.

With love

Russell Davis hypnosis for fertility