Your Fertility

Whether you are seeking to improve your fertility naturally to conceive naturally or supporting fertility treatment you are unique and we all experience the world in unique ways.

Often self hypnosis tracks, such as fertility hypnosis downloads, can be quite prescriptive in telling you how to think or relax, for example imagining you are walking along a beach to relax. Not with The Fertile Mind®. What if you don’t find a beach relaxing?!

The Fertile Mind® fertility hypnosis doesn’t make any assumptions as to how you experience the world. It uses the latest techniques in hypnotherapy such as Wordweaving™ to work with the unique way your mind works because this helps you improve your fertility and chances of conception in the most powerful and natural way.

There will be no telling you where to go to relax. Only you know where the most relaxing place for you is.

Through the self hypnosis tracks you be led by your unconscious mind to make the changes you need in your life, and your body, to improve your fertility and achieve what you want. The Fertile Mind®, will be your experienced guide.

Take Control

Infertility can impact every area of your life. Your relationships, your outlook, your self esteem/worth and happiness. The Fertile Mind® can help you feel more in control of your life as well as your fertility. You can begin to reign in those negative thoughts and beliefs and have a more positive outlook on life and yourself. This can have a profound affect on your wellbeing, happiness and relationships.

Natural or Assisted Conception

There are specific programs for male and female fertility and both natural conception (including IUI) and assisted conception (e.g. IVF, ICSI). They will guide your unconscious mind to help you ensure your mind and body are in the most optimal state for you to achieve what you want: conceiving and getting pregnant.

The Fertile Mind® can be used to compliment other infertility treatments such as IVF, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture or nutrition.