When we’re born we’re as a diamond, perfect and unique. Then things happen in life, life is a contact sport. It is like horse manure gets thrown at the diamond. And sometimes it sticks. And before we know it, all we see is a pile of horse manure. And we don’t like what we see. We are worried what people might think of us.

We work really hard to polish the pile of horse manure, to give it a shine, giving an impression that we are OK. It is like putting a layer of nail polish around a pile of horse manure.  Some people experience this as a mask to project an image of being OK.

However, all along we’ve forgotten we’re that diamond. We think we’re the horse manure. However, it’s not who we are. It is not our identity; it is the thinking we have picked up along the way, particularly from childhood. When we begin to see this, we can stop believing the thinking and can begin to trust we are that diamond, beautiful, perfect and with innate wellbeing that is not dependent on anything.

We are not our thinking, we are more than that.

There is a force or energy behind life, something that enables life to hang together. Something that enables a cut to heal itself without doing anything other than keeping it clean. To enable an apple pip/seed to become an apple tree, to bear fruit that creates another pip/seed.

An energy behind life that we don’t understand because it’s formless, it is beyond what our human brain can comprehend. It is creative, all loving. Whether you give it the name God, universe, energy, whatever we call it doesn’t matter, because we don’t truly understand it. We come from that formless energy. We’re part of it.

We are spiritual beings living in a physical realm. Like an iceberg, a small percentage of us are above the water, in this world of form, circumstances, thought and matter. The rest of us, our soul; our true identity is part of this formless and loving energy of life. If this creative energy of life was the sea, we are a drop of water, part of it. The Bible talks about being made in the image of God. That’s who we are, part of this loving divine energy of life.

If we stop looking externally for a sense of wellbeing and look within, we can begin to access our true identity. All the greatest teachings and writings since time began talk about looking within. People go to India looking for inner peace, they are looking in the wrong place, it is within them, it is within us.

You’re not your thinking. You’re not who you think you are. We are this divine loving energy of life that’s within us. We can all too easily forget this as we get caught up in everyday life and the stories our thinking tells us. They are so believable, plausible, convincing. And particularly on our fertility journey when thinking puts more and more pressure on the outcome.

We get so focused on ‘project baby’ and external circumstances that we forget who we really are. We start to believe our wellbeing is dependent on external things and we get caught up in working harder and harder to be OK.

When we stop trying and look within, we access that peace of mind that’s always there, because it’s who we are, but has been drowned out by our thinking.

You are not your thinking.

With love

Russell Davis hypnosis for fertility