Thinking yourself fertileBeing sick on a long car journey is not fun, I’ve been there before and did not want to repeat the experience!

I am amazed the things science have now backed up but are still not widely known or used by people to improve the quality of their life.  One of them is the fact that you can use your mind to affect your body.  You can think yourself thinner, fitter or more fertile.  How amazing is that?  You can improve your fertility with your mind. You can improve IVF success rates by utilising mind-body techniques.

It blows my mind at times but I know it is true as I have used it to cure my hay fever, overcome sporting injuries, recover from bugs 4x quicker than the rest of my family.  I remember just before Christmas a few years ago we went to visit friends.  Whilst we were there my wife and our son, who was about 9 months at the time got a very nasty stomach bug.  It went on for 4 days.   Unfortunately the whole family of 5 went down with it right after we left – thankfully they are still very good friends!    I started feeling unwell on the journey home.   Using my mind and visualisations I made it through the journey and was right as rain within 24hrs. You can read here about dealing with injuries legally.

It is not just me, I have used it with 100’s of clients over the years.  50% of the woman who participated in The Fertile Mind’s product trial became pregnant within 3 months.  Some conceived naturally and some used it to compliment fertility treatment such as IVF.  The remaining 50% feel more positive and in control of their fertility and are still using it on their journey.  I am not saying it was all down to their mind, but they and I believe it played a significant part.

Don’t just take my word for it, watch this short video of Dr David Hamilton one of the worlds leading experts in the mind-body link (the women out there need to stay focussed on what he is saying not on his boyish good looks and sexy accent!).

Begin by visualising you body creating the best possible environment for your fertility.  Reproduction is such a delicate process requiring a finely balanced cocktail of hormones.  Can you visualise your hormones being in balance?  It doesn’t have to be biological images, any metaphor or images that come to mind for you are perfect.  You could visualise releasing/harvesting healthy eggs.   Two keys to visualisation:

  1. Repetition.  Two to three times a day, every day.  It doesn’t have to be for long, perhaps 5 minutes at a time.  You could be doing whilst washing up or walking to work.
  2. Feelings. Really feel how you would feel as you loose yourself in the visualisation.

Start using your mind for your benefit.  Both letting go of stories and thinking that is holding you back and visualising what you want.  Download our Get Started pack to find out more and start taking control of your fertility from today.