In my previous career many years ago I was engineer which can appear worlds away from being the creator of a fertility hypnosis program!   Being trained as an engineer I love evidence and research to back up information and what I do. However, I also know that there is plenty of stuff in this world science cannot explain, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  I am confident in the amount of evidence demonstrating how our mind affects our fertility.

I am fascinated as to how much our mind creates our experience in life emotionally influences us physically. I can see how much our thinking played a part in our fertility which is why I went on to train as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and help many women/couples with infertility become pregnant.

Now there is plenty of research demonstrating the power of the placebo affect and there is also a lot of general awareness of the placebo affect and how your belief in a drug, or non-drug (sugar pill) can change your biology. However, there is little awareness of understanding of the nocebo affect. The noecbo affect is the same as the placebo affect except that the thoughts are of a negative nature. What we don’t talk about is how a negative thought is as powerful as a positive thought and the placebo affect except in the opposite direction.

The video above is Dr Bruce Lipton talking about the power of our mind and the nocebo affect.

Sometimes we are not even consciously aware of these negative thoughts, playing like tapes in our mind. Your negative thoughts may well be affecting your fertility in a powerful way.

I was talking to a fertility expert recently about secondary fertility and he was amazed at how many women with secondary fertility he spoke to who when you ask them about their previous birthing experience they told them how traumatic it was for them. Not surprisingly for them at the time to tell themselves they are ‘never doing that again’. Can you see how that could affect someones fertility? Until this is let go of the unconscious mind wants to honour you and protect you.

So how can you let go of your negative thoughts and beliefs? I have worked with hundreds of clients many of which we work on letting go their negative thought and beliefs. I believe hypnotherapy can be a very gently, effective and powerful means of changing your unconscious life scripts you are living by. This is one of the things The Fertile Mind fertility hypnosis program is designed to do.

Now I see myself as both an scientist and artist.  I believe hypnotherapy is a mixture of science and art.  It utilises a lot of the modern science on how the mind works however working with individuals is like painting a picture, it requires creativity, it is not about formulas.