What Is The Fertile Mind?®

Fertility Hypnosis Program To Help Get Pregnant

The Fertile Mind® is a fertility hypnosis program that utilises the scientifically proven mind-body link to help increase your fertility and chances in getting pregnant.  It also helps let go of any negative emotions such as stress, thinking or beliefs usually experienced with infertility that may be holding you back from getting pregnant.

Research has shown that the stress levels of infertile women are equivalent to women with cancer, AIDS, or heart disease.  It also shows that the more distress a woman reports prior to infertility treatment, the less likely she is to conceive.

The Fertile Mind® can used to compliment other infertility treatment such as IVF, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture or nutrition. See here for more information on how it works.

Created With Experience

The Fertile Mind® has been created by Russell Davis, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist who understands where you might be right now.

Russell and his wife have had 10 years experience of double infertility and know first hand some of the emotion infertility can bring such as anger, jealousy, earth shattering disappointment, grief, anxiety to name a few.

Just before they began IVF they conceived naturally and now have a son.  Looking back they can see how their thinking played a significant part in their journey in getting pregnant.

Russell utilises his personal experience of the infertility emotional rollercoaster and understanding of how the mind can affect your body and fertility.

Russell is also the National Council of Hypnotherapy’s fertility expert advisor.

Tailored Programs

There are tailored programs for female and male fertility and both natural conception and assisted conception.  We also have a weight loss program (whether for fertility or not).

Enjoyable and Sustainable

The Fertile Mind®  involves listening to a 10 minute relaxing self hypnosis track each night which makes it enjoyable, sustainable and achievable.  Each program includes a number of tracks to support you throughout the process.