I am an experienced speaker and have shared our personal journey many times.  What happened surprised me.

I got choked.

I was speaking at a conference in London for therapists this weekend, sharing the realities of what life can be like when struggling with fertility and share how I work with clients.

I wasn’t expecting it to be emotional as I was talking to therapists the majority of whom will not have experienced infertility.

However, there were a large number of people crying during the talk.

On reflection two things came to mind.

One in four couples have difficulties in conceiving.  That means potentially one in four of the therapists in the room are having or had personal experience of what I was sharing.

I opened my heart more than I expected because I was passionate about them understanding the realities of what it can be like.

It can be a lonely place with a lack of understanding from the people around you – and that’s OK as I don’t expect them to understand.  Their well-meaning comments, dare I say it even the ‘just relax’, are said with all innocence – but it can still make it harder for those in it, can’t it?

It’s tough isn’t it?

It can be easy to forget that when you are focussed on what you want, every ounce of you fighting for what you want, researching, hoping, praying, thinking about nutrition, lifestyle and so it goes on…

What are you doing to ensure you are getting the emotional support you need?

What one thing could you start doing, or stop doing, that would allow you to begin to feel more at peace with where you are at right now.

What are you struggling with?  Would you like a chat? I am here to help if you think I can help you. Let me know or post a comment below.

With love