Get pregnant after 40

Let go of the fear of time running out


My wife and I had a 10-year infertility journey and have seen it from every angle conceivable! We went on to have our son against all odds. One in a billion chance we were told by the doctors. We can see how much our mind and emotions played a role in our journey. I see the same for my clients.

The biggest fear is a fear of running out of time. Of the body clock ticking and you having no control over that. That fear can cause tension in your body and it can become a viscous cycle and end up being a self professing prophesy.

The fear can be impacting your chances of getting pregnant whether naturally or with fertility treatment

it doesn’t have to be that way…

My first fertility client was Michelle. She was 39 and had just had her third failed IVF. She was desperate to do another round because of her fear of the big 40. We cleared her psychological blocks, helped her know she was going to be OK whatever happens and her mind and body moved into a more healthy state. She had a very different experience on her next cycle and had a bouncing baby girl.

Scared it’s never going to happen?

Let go of the fear of running out of time and allow your mind and body to flow – that’s when the magic can happen.

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      Remove any psychological and physio-psychlogical blocks to getting pregnant.


      of mind

      Find a place of peace without giving up (it does exist!)



      Stop life feeling on hold and find your flow again.  The more life flows the more your body flows.



      Let go of fear and anxiety that can negatively impact your chances of getting pregnant.

      “In my 7th month of pregnancy, after 2 failed cycles of IVF and lots of desperation.  What I needed was changing my mindset and Russell was invaluable in helping me to do so.”


      “I want to say a huge thank you from my heart from myself and on behalf of my partner. I am 13 weeks pregnant!  I really believe that you were a huge factor in me becoming pregnant with ICSI. I can’t thank you enough.”


      “I’m 21 weeks pregnant right now. I definitely recommend you to anyone I know that is trying to get pregnant. Thank you!”