So did you make any?

Feeling guilty about not sticking to them?

Feeling proud of yourself for having done?

I am not a fan of New Years Resolutions.

They are often goals which can too easily be broken after one moment of being human.

Once it has been ‘broken’ it is abandoned so you don’t end up anywhere nearer where you want to be.

I prefer goals for the year.

Hopes & dreams.

Something which is not forgotten about before February arrives.

I usually draw a picture of my hopes and dreams for the year and put it where I will see it regularly (e.g. my computer desktop wallpaper).


Do you need any goals for 2013 to be a good year?

I’d like to share a reflection Michael Neill shared recently.

Spend a moment writing down the five things you are most thankful for in 2012.  Your best memories.

I know this can be tough when so much of the time you feel pain and loss, but as you cast your mind back (perhaps browse your photos from last year) you may be surprised what things come to mind that bring a smile to your face.

OK, so you have your list, if not, spent a moment doing it now before you continue reading.

How many things on your list happened because of careful planning and effort on your part. How many just happened spontaneously or by coincidence?

You may be surprised to find that the ratio towards synchronicity tends to be about 2:1.

2:1 towards happy chance.

Nice to know that our happiness in life is not dependent on our goals, our planning.  In fact I think sometimes we get so caught up in striving for something we miss the happy chances – next years list.

I wish you a very happy 2013.

With love