Read Sharon’s story. It can happen for you as well.

I’ve not emailed before so will give you a bit of background. Me and my partner have been trying to have a baby for two and half years. Although I had been pregnant in that time and unfortunately lost it we had a referral for fertility problems as we had long periods of not being able to get pregnant. I was not dealing with this well, feeling┬áthat time was running out and starting to find it stressful and emotional. I was pretty much being ruled by this and finding the disappointment each month harder and harder to deal with. I realised I needed to get a grip on this so after seeing a mention of you in a fertility magazine I signed up to your emails without expecting much from it. Much to my surprise I started to find the emails useful and so watched some of your webinars.

I started to use the techniques you talk about. Every night I spent a bit of time in bed telling myself not to continually worry about the future, not to concentrate on the negative thoughts and worse case scenarios but how life is actually quite good right now so why not just be happy with the present. After not long I started to believe this and realise I was happy and that I didn’t need to worry about getting pregnant as one day it would just happen. Every night I also did visualisation where I thought about my body being calm and stress free and releasing happy hormones and imagined my body doing whatever it should be doing at that point in my cycle, whether it was releasing an egg, implanting etc.

I only did this for 2 months when I found out I was pregnant! I am now 15 weeks pregnant and the tendency to worry does creep in occasionally so I am continuing to use the techniques to keep the pregnancy worries under control.

I have no way of knowing if those techniques directly helped me to get pregnant but what I do know is for those couple of months I was vastly happier than I had been in a long time – I was just getting on with life again!