Hypnosis for fertilityI am particularly excited about as it is on a subject very close to my heart: relationships.  I look back and am SO thankful for the things we learnt that helped us survive and grow during our fertility journey.  Without them I am sure we would not have made it.

  •  Do you ever feel like your partner doesn’t really understand what you are going through?
  •  Do you wish you felt more ‘in love’?
  •  Do you wish you felt like you were more united and on the journey together, really emotionally connected?

This webinar is going to give you some very practical tools to help you make your relationship the best it can be – even if only one you participate.

There is plenty of research that shows the negative impact on relationships that fertility can bring and how stress in a relationship can impact success rates.

Title: The Fertile Mind : The Language of Love
Date: Thursday, November 8, 2012
Time: 8:00 PM GMT / 12 NOON EST
Location:  The comfort and privacy of your own home!

Space is limited as I like to keep webinars as interactive as people like, personalising the experience and deepening the impact.  If you have never watched a webinar before it is as easy as reading a webpage, with the ability to ask questions whilst listening and watching me present.

Reserve your seat now at:

With love