My head can be a full of lots of thought processes going round and round!

My head at times: full of thoughts going round & round!

I can be such a thinker, in my head re-designing a cornflake.  I can be in my head worrying about the smallest of things, but at the time they are the big problems!!

Then I wake up from the trance thinking had put me in to and come back to here and now, reconnecting to our default setting of inner peace and wellbeing. 

The mind and body are not just connected, they are one system.  Mind affecting body, body affecting mind.

For example have you experienced physical sensations such as shortness of breathe, sweating etc. after a nightmare?

Or perhaps noticed how your mood can change if you haven’t eaten for a while (low blood sugar).   What you eat can also affect your mood.  

When we get caught up in our stress, worry and thinking about the future we actually disconnect from our body.  Your mind goes in to the future, or dips in to the past then plays out the future based on past experience, it is anywhere but the here and now.

Your body is always in the here and now. 

When you focus on your body you come back to the here and now.  

Tuning in your body bring peace of mind

Tuning in your body bring peace of mind

Which is why techniques such as yoga, tai chi, Pilates can be relaxing, it is because you are re-connecting with your body, coming back to the here and now –  which means you are letting go of the anxious, stressful thoughts and feelings (you are only ever feeling your thinking, that’s how the mind works).

Try listening to your stomach when you think you are hungry.  Are you hungry or is it an emotion?  What does your body want to eat? 

When I help clients tune in to their inner wisdom but letting go of thought I ask them where they sense their wisdom to be in their body.  It is always somewhere in their body, it might be their heart, gut, chest – but not their head. 

What can you do to reconnect to your body?   It could be as simple as putting your hand on your womb and asking your womb what it says about your fertility. Or putting your hand on your heart and asking yourself how you are doing today. 

Try these relaxation exercises.

Have fun reconnecting to your body and your inner wisdom.

With love

Russell Davis hypnosis for fertility