How connected to your body do you feel?

I can be so in my head that I am often not aware of my body.  I am sometimes unaware that I am sitting in an awkward position.  I once worked on my laptop on a train for five hours, unaware that the awkward position was damaging my neck and shoulder.  It took me some time to recover from that!

When we get caught in our thinking/our heads disconnect from our body.  Our body is in the here and now, but our thinking is all about future stuff or past stuff; it takes us away from the here and now.

Your body is the best doctor, nutritionist and life coach you will ever need. When you tune into your body you also tune into your inner wisdom.  Intuition.

For example, have you ever eaten something you regret?  Either you weren’t really hungry or it wasn’t food that nourished you?  Our bodies know exactly when we are hungry or not.  It also naturally craves nutrients, not sugary chemical laden foods.

We over eat or eat things we regret when we are led by our thinking or emotions, which are just thoughts.  We are only ever living in the experience of our thinking.  Our thinking tells us we will feel better for eating the biscuit, but do we?! No, because thinking is not truth.

Getting out of our head and tuning into our bodies is a great way of re-connecting to your inner self.  Your inner self is the best guide to life. Your inner self is a place of love for yourself and others. A place of peace and security and wisdom.  It will let you know what is best for you on your fertility journey. Instinct is your best guidance mechanism to life.

So how can you re-connect to your body/inner-self?

  • Trust all thinking is just a story you are telling yourself, that you don’t need to listen to and let it go.  You automatically return to the here and now and can re-connect to your body.
  • You can use the 7-11 breathing exercise as a way of tuning out of thinking and into your body. It can be a form of meditation.
  • Meditation in whatever form can help you tune into your body.
  • Yoga is a great way of re-connecting to your body.
  • I have recently discovered Qigong and love it as a way of connecting to my body and getting my energy flowing within.
  • Exercise is a great way of re-connecting to your body.  Although be aware strenuous exercise can negatively impact your fertility, which is why so many female athletes struggle with infertility.
  • This may sound crazy but you may be surprised at the insights you get from it.  Talk to your body.  Put your hand on your womb and ask it what it needs or wants, or says about your fertility.

I am a real thinker and know what it is like to be stuck in your head/thinking. Re-connecting to my body has been one of the greatest joys of our fertility journey (of course, as well as having our son!)

Do you get stuck in your head/thinking?  Tell me about it because sharing it and writing about it can be the first step of acceptance which is the WD40 of change and letting go.

With love

Russell Davis hypnosis for fertility