I found it a bit unfair that we had to take on Project Baby when everyone else just got pregnant without thinking too much about it, don’t you?

I resented people that got pregnant whilst we were struggling. Especially those having number two and three. They just didn’t understand the pain of our journey.

However, how helpful is Project Baby?

Fertility is often striving for one thing, getting pregnant and the focus goes on what can be done to achieve that. There is plenty people can do the improve their fertility.

However, how much do we zone in on fertility to get pregnant when we could actually benefit from a step back and think about it as fertility for life.

Nutrition, weight, exercise, lifestyle can all affect fertility, that is pretty much a given, but how much is the focus to have a baby when actually you are more likely to be successful if you see it as enabling you to be the healthiest in mind, body and spirit. Period.

For example, my wife was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager. Later in life she went on a journey of finding a more natural and healthy way of managing it. She was fed up of taking the drugs. She changed her lifestyle, nutrition, and went on a journey of healing in mind and body. She was doing it for an overall sense of wellbeing – not to get pregnant. We didn’t believe that was on the cards. If her motivation was to get pregnant, I am not sure she would have taken such a step back, such a holistic approach. It would have been more what she could do for her fertility and not what could she do for her total wellbeing – which brings bigger benefits and more changes of success.

I spent a lot of time with clients not talking about fertility. We are dealing with limiting beliefs and thoughts that affect many aspects of their life, including their fertility. We address their sense of self, not just whether their hormones are balanced.

Sometimes the connection is not obvious. In my case I had a limiting belief that I didn’t deserve good things, there was something wrong with me. In my case perhaps you can see a more obvious link to my fertility. At the time we were told to forget any chance of natural conception so my journey of emotional healing was for my happiness in life, not fertility. But guess what – like many people we bucked what conventional medicine was telling us. We conceived naturally (1 in a million chance we were told) – and I firmly believe it is because we both were doing Project You and not Project Baby.

So I encourage you to looking deeper/wider than just fertility. I believe this will lead you to a place of peace (without giving up), a sense of peace with your identity, self and purpose. This is fertile ground, emotionally and physically…