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Many women who have had struggles to conceive whether naturally or with fertility treatment can find it hard to relax in to and enjoy their pregnancy. This powerful hypnosis track will help you do exactly that. Only currently available as an mp3 download.

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A powerful hypnosis track to help you:

  • Relax in and and enjoy your pregnancy
  • Let go of any concerns or worries about you and your baby
  • Guide your body and baby to health and wellbeing
  • Feel you and your baby thriving

You may or may not have had a difficult journey to get here. I know I didn’t want to believe our positive pregnancy test and spend the following weeks and months worried about anything and everything! ¬†Pregnancy can be a time of blooming. Of enjoying your body doing what it is designed to do and does naturally. This track will help you do exactly that.

It’s time for you to bloom!

Listening to this short (12 mins) but powerful hypnosis track daily can help you:

  • Let go of worries about your pregnancy
  • Begin to relax and enjoy this time for you and your baby
  • Connect with your baby is a powerful way

Is it too good to be true? It should be hard work.

There is a perception that letting go of limiting beliefs or letting go of stress healing should be hard work and take a long time. That is not my experience with my clients or other Cognitive Hypnotherapists I work with. Over 95% of our thoughts and behaviour are driven by our unconscious mind, as are all our bodily functions like managing the delicate process of fertility. By guiding your unconscious mind to what you want mentally and physically you may be surprised how quickly things begin to happen.

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  1. Lindy

    This is a beautiful track that I have been listening to during my pregnancy to help me stay calm and relaxed. It is helpful when those unwanted worries creep up!

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