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Fertility can be a tough journey with its unfair share of knock backs and disappointments whether AF, BFN or a friend getting pregnant. This powerful hypnosis track will help you find a sense of peace and moving forward after such events.  Currently only available as mp3 programme.

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On your journey have you experienced the pains of:

  • Another negative test result
  • An unsuccessful IVF/ICSI cycle
  • Having a friend tell you they were pregnant

You know how it is, you are doing really well, feeling positive about things for a change and then, bang – without warning something knocks you for six.  It could be something big or small it doesn’t matter. Whether a negative test result or something else, it has the power to send you in to a deep despair. These events and others similar can leave you on the floor, devastated and just unable to believe things could happen for you.

Bounce back from thee events and others like it

  • Find a sense of peace to continue your journey
  • Turn the despair to positivity
  • Re-discover your hope

Listening to this short (12 mins) powerful self hypnosis track daily can help you let go of the despair, pain and hurt and help you find yourself again, find the resources, peace and positivity to bounce back from such events more quickly than you imagine.

Is it too good to be true? It should be hard work.

There is a perception that letting go of limiting beliefs or letting go of stress healing should be hard work and take a long time. That is not my experience with my clients or other Cognitive Hypnotherapists I work with. Over 95% of our thoughts and behaviour are driven by our unconscious mind, as are all our bodily functions like managing the delicate process of fertility. By guiding your unconscious mind to what you want mentally and physically you may be surprised how quickly things begin to happen.

It is tried and tested. I have helped many many clients move on from traumatic events. It is risk free with a 100% money back guarantee


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