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This Fertile Mind program will ensure your mind and body are in the optimal state for conceiving naturally with/without clomid or with IUI.  Also suitable for women diagnosed with PCOS.

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  • Feel more in control of your fertility
  • Feel more relaxed and positive
  • Optimise your mental and physical state
  • Enjoyable
  • Doctor Endorsed
Increase your chances of getting pregnant

The Fertile Mind’s Natural Conception program supports trying to conceive naturally, with/without clomid or with IUI. Also suitable for women diagnosed with PCOS.

The program includes three different powerful hypnosis tracks to guide your mind and body through to what you want as well as let go of any limiting beliefs, leaving you feeling more relaxed and in control of life.

These track use leading-edge hypnosis techniques and are created by a Cognitive Hypnotherapist who has been on the journey you are on so understands what you may be going through.

Listening to one of the short relaxing self-hypnosis tracks each night is all it takes.

Is it too good to be true? It shouldn’t be this easy.

There is a perception that letting go of limiting beliefs or letting go of stress healing should be hard work and take a long time.  That is not my experience with my clients or other Cognitive Hypnotherapists I work with.

Over 95% of our thoughts and behaviour are driven by our unconscious mind, as are all our bodily functions like managing the delicate process of fertility.  By guiding your unconscious mind to what you want mentally and physically you may be surprised how quickly things begin to happen.

It is tried and tested

See the testimonials for the stories of women who have successfully become pregnant using The Fertile Mind. It is risk free with a 100% money back guarantee.

It’s more than relaxation

The Fertile Mind® fertility hypnosis program is more than a fertility relaxation program. It is a powerful self-hypnosis program. Relaxation downloads/CDs may give you periods of respite, however, fertility hypnosis can let go of the underlying causes of stress enabling you to think very differently about your chances of success.

You can begin to feel more equipped, empowered and energised for your journey. With the help of these programs, you can let go of despair, grief and anger and begin to feel more positive and hopeful which can lead to your success.

The Fertile Mind programs also actively harness the mind-body link guiding your body to what you want it to do. Read more on how it works.

Relaxation v Hypnosis

FREE BONUS 1 – The Slimmer Body mp3 program worth $47

Notice how much more rubbish you eat in the low moments of the infertility roller coaster? Use your mind to help you lose weight without dieting! The link between weight and fertility is well documented. The Slimmer Mind program helps you change your relationship with food and loose weight without dieting or any ‘sinful’ food. Eat what you want when you want and be more in tune with what your body really needs – stopping full and eating more healthily.

It also well documented how fertility treatment such as IVF success rate can be highly impacted by your BMI.

“The advice should be the same for any woman – that it is important to lose weight independent of how you conceive.: Dr Tarek El-Toukhy, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital.

FREE BONUS 2 – The Peaceful Mind mp3 program worth $47

You know how it is, you are doing really well, feeling positive about things for a change and then, bang – without warning something knocks you for six. It could be something big or small it doesn’t matter. Whether a negative test result or something else it has the power to send you in to a deep despair. These events and others similar can leave you on the floor, devastated and just unable to believe things could happen for you.

Bounce back from thee events and others like it, find a sense of peace to continue your journey and turn the despair to positivity. Re-discover your hope.


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3 reviews for Natural Conception

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    After just over 6 months of trying unsuccessfully (and getting quite stressed about it) I decided it was time for some support. I found this programme by chance and started it at the same time as a course of accupuncture and chinese herbs. 6 weeks later I’ve just done my first every positive pregnancy test! I know for sure that this programme was a massive part of that success, so I recommend it whole heartedly. I’m now moving on to the pregnancy programme to keep positive throughout my journey 🙂

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    As it took a long time to conceive my first baby, I decided to try hypnosis tracks when trying for baby #2. I listened to the tracks every night for a month and even dreamed I was pregnant. The next month I was actually pregnant – I was surprised it happened so quickly! I strongly believe in the mind body connection when trying to conceive and that the hypnosis tracks worked at the sub conscious level. I also had a 1:1 phone consultation with Russell and was feeling positive about the insights gained. Highly recommended!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    WOW – after only two weeks of listening to this every night, I got my very first positive pregnancy test! My husband and I are going to have our very first baby 🙂 We had been trying for just over a month, but I wanted to eliminate any limiting beliefs and mental blocks to get there in a more relaxed way, as I was suddenly experiencing constant feelings of anxiety, impatience and all the negative “what if’s”. Luckily I found Russell’s programs on Google, and I am so surprised – yet so happy and genuinely grateful beyond words that it happened so easily! Highly recommend this for anyone who is trying to conceive. Even if it hasn’t been a long time, give it a try – it will only help! I also just purchased the Pregnancy Hypnosis today to enjoy and relax during the next 9 months! Thank you so much, Russell!

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