Male Fertility

Male Fertility


This Fertile Mind powerful hypnosis program will help guide you body to create more healthy and mobile sperm to improve your fertility.  Just 10 minutes a day whilst going to sleep. Currently only available as mp3 programme.

Improve your sperm quality.

A powerful hypnosis track that harnesses the mind-body link to improve the quantity, mobility and morphology of sperm. Male sperm is produced every three months and there is more you can do to influence the quality of your sperm than you may think. I went from a disastrous sperm quality to near normal in a matter of months.

  • Feel more in control of your fertility.
  • Feel more relaxed and positive.
  • Optimise your mental and physical state.
  • Enjoyable.
  • Tried and tested.

40%-50% of infertility is attributed to male fertility. The Fertile Mind’s Male Fertility can improve the health and mobility of your sperm.

The program includes two different powerful hypnosis tracks to guide your mind and body through to what you want as well as let go of any limiting beliefs. Utilise the scientifically proven mind-body link to improve the quality and health of your sperm.

These tracks use leading edge hypnosis techniques and I have personally been on the journey you are on so understands what you may be going through.

Listening to one of the short relaxing self hypnosis tracks each night is all it takes.

Is it too good to be true?

There is a perception that letting go of limiting beliefs or letting go of stress healing should be hard work and take a long time. That is not my experience with my clients or other Cognitive Hypnotherapists I work with. Over 95% of our thoughts and behaviour are driven by our unconscious mind, as are all our bodily functions like managing the delicate process of fertility. By guiding your unconscious mind to what you want mentally and physically you may be surprised how quickly things begin to happen.

It is tried and tested, see the testimonials for the stories of women who have successfully become pregnant using The Fertile Mind.


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