Our story

Got the t-shirt!

If you are reading this I probably understand how you may be feeling. My wife and I had a 10-year fertility journey. We’ve experience infertility from every angle. Female, male and secondary infertility. However, we went on to conceive naturally against all odds.

Kidding ourselves

My wife was diagnosed with fertility problems as a teenager and we knew that having our own children may not be an option. We thought we were OK with it. After eight years of healing herself holistically, my wife had a regular and healthy cycle for the first time. Having our own children was a possibility for the first time. It was at this point we realised our being ‘OK’ with it all was just a protection mechanism from the pain and grief of not having the one things we longed for most in the world.

Kick in Teeth

After trying for about a year we knew there was something else up. As you know you become a bit of an expert on fertility on this journey! It was at this point I had my first test and found out I was infertility. My test results were disastrous across the board. Talk about a kick in the teeth. It felt like we had run a marathon only to be told we had to do it all again.

I spent four months doing everything I could to improve my fertility. All sorts of things I firmly believe can make a difference (lifestyle, diet, herbs, acupuncture, not keeping mobile in my pocket, baggy pants!!) however after four months it had got slightly worse (the doctors didn’t believe it could get any worse!).  At this point I gave up trying believing there was nothing I could do, we were in the hands of the clinic who were looking at whether ICSI was an option for us given my results.

Project You v Project Baby

It looked like having our own children was not going happen. This led to me having a bit of a crisis in life. I wasn’t aware that I was living ‘I’ll be happy when…’ in life and had been all my life. It was ‘I’ll be happy when I please my Mum’. I’ll be happy when I’ve got my degree. etc. etc. and the current one was ‘We’ll be happy when we have children’. For the first time in my life I realised I’ve been chasing everything I thought would make me happy, the career, the car, the relationship etc. but I wasn’t content. I was living a life to other peoples expectations rather than being true to my soul. This led to me having my own ‘Project You’ journey. I found a place of peace without giving up. Having a child moved from being a need to a want. For the first time I truly believed I could create a life I am inspired by with or without children. I still hoped it included children but it didn’t need to.

against all odds

Four months after my Project You journey my wife was pregnant naturally. We were told it was a 1 in a billion chance of it happening naturally. And we weren’t even trying because we thought there was no point. We were waiting for ICSI to start. I was fascinated and did another test result and it had improved dramatically without me even trying.

Fertile Mind

Looking back I can see how my fear of not getting pregnant undermined all my efforts to improve my fertility. How when I found a place of peace and flow in life again my body found it’s natural flow and restored it’s healthy balance. This is what my clients find as well whether trying to get pregnant naturally or through fertility treatment such as IUI,  IVF, ICSI of donor egg/sperm.

Russell Davis
Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Russell Davis is a Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist, writer and speaker and helps people remove psychological blocks to getting pregnant. 

Russell’s personal experience echoes his belief that too many couples go through fertility treatment unnecessarily and that the success rate of treatment is unnecessarily low. Whether natural or assisted conception, Russell has helped hundreds of couples all over the world move from despair to hope to success.

Russell founded The Fertile Mind fertility mind-body programs and coaching based on he and his wife’s 10-year double infertility journey which resulted in the natural conception of their son.

Russell is a therapy supervisor and Registered and registered under the UK Governments Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) adhering to their strict code of ethics.