Although not specifically about infertility I found this article ‘Mothers, stop moaning!’ on someones experience of childlessness in The Guardian recently  really interesting, what was also interesting were some of the comments added by people who had read it.

The writer is a single lady in her 40’s resigning herself to the fact she will never be a mother, something she always wanted.  In her words she just never met ‘mr right’ rather than playing roulette with her fertility whilst focussing on a career.  She is saying how difficult it is for her to hear how mothers complaining how difficult it is when she would give her right arm for the chance of having children.

To me this article and the comments from readers highlights a one fundamental of thing – people with children will never really understand what it is like to be involuntarily childless through infertility or other circumstances.  Comments like ‘what’s the problem you can always foster or adopt’ demonstrate this lack of understanding.

I hope you can find people around you that can show at least some level of understanding and support on your journey.