There I was, living in a card box on the streets, lonely and penniless.  Insecurity and imagination can be a lethal cocktail.  Your imagination runs riot and before you know it you have gone from thinking about having to pay a bill to being imagining yourself homeless, destitute and lonely!  That is the power of thought and the impact on fertility of stress (which is just thought) is well documented.

Some people get more lost in their thoughts than others.  I often get caught up in my thoughts worrying about things unnecessarily.  I have to remind myself what I can actually influence and what I cannot, there is no point thinking about the things I cannot influence!  In fact I am learning more and more to let go of my thoughts completely as they hide our instant, insight and inner wisdom.

During our fertility journey had hope when my wife didn’t, until I was diagnosed with infertility after she has healed hers naturally and then I began to loose all hope.  My thoughts led me down a path of us growing old on our own and lonely!   They created this illusion that was just a story I was telling myself.

Be aware of what your thoughts are telling you.  Learn to slow your mind down and give yourself a rest!

Here is a relaxation technique you may wish to try which can help you do just that, slow your mind down, let your thoughts go and be more relaxed in the moment.

Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breath for five breaths.  Now move your awareness to your mind. Begin to be aware of your thoughts, without judgment. Notice how your thoughts come and go. Just like clouds passing.  Notice the speed of your thoughts. Are they positive or negative?  In whatever way you imagine it, imagine each thought passing through and away or floating away or settling like a snow globe – whatever comes to your imagination.   Begin to slow the thoughts down in whatever way you imagine doing that.  Slow your mind and thinking down perhaps by beginning to focus back on your breath.  Counting as you inhale and exhale. Noticing the length of each.  Continue to count your breath for 10 minutes. 

Alternatively download the free Get Started pack which includes a deep relaxation self hypnosis track.