Men's Group

More than support
why join a men’s group?

I’ve seen infertility from pretty much every angle!  Firstly supporting my wife with her infertility. Then that was sorted. Then I had my first test. It was disasterous across the board! Then secondary infertility…

Our infertility journey brought up all sorts of emotions for me. Anger, guilt, inadequacy, embarrassment, fear…

One of my insights on our journey was I lived the life others expected of me instead of a life I want. Except I has no idea what that was! To  cut a long story short I ended up leaving my corporate career and retrained as a therapist and coach. For the last 14 years have been helping couples with the emotional aspect of infertility.

As part of my own journey I got a men’s coach working with John Wineland, a world renowned men’s and relationship coach for a number of years. I have experienced first hand the power of men supporting men. 

I’ve decided to start a small mens’s online (Zoom) men’s group for men on this fertility journey. It’s a space where you can be heard, encouraged, challenged and inspired to really know you are more of the man you think you are or feel on the fertility emotional rollercoaster and in life as a whole.

more than talking 

My plans is that this is a free group that will meet fortnightly. It is more than support. It’s equipping us to be the men we want to be despite circumstances. We will also have WhatsApp group to stay connected between sessions. I will probably start with a one-off to give people an experience so they know what they would be committing to if they decided to continue.

It is not a ‘drop in’ group. It’s a closed group of men committing to themselves and each other. 

It’s open to men anywhere in the world.  

We will explore what it means to be a man, fertility, relationships, intimacy, work, money. In my experience it’s all connected.

Being part of my own men’s group has been invaluable to me over the years. It’s helped me step into more of the man I am, regardless of my fertility. It’s helped me create more intimacy in my relationship. It’s helped me get out of my own way and be more successful in my work.

It is more than just being heard. It will change how to you relate to yourself, your partner, your work, your purpose and the world. Perhaps your fertility journey is an opportunity. Looking back I know mine was.