It is well documented how stress can impact your fertility and chances of success at getting pregnant.  Research on how stress can affect IVF fertility demonstrates how important it is to remain relaxed particularly during the embryo transfer process and how hypnosis was more affective than medication.

I want to share a relaxation technique I often use with clients.  The beauty of this one is that it you can use it any time, any place, any where and no-on need know you are doing it!  I often use it when driving, particularly when I am telling myself I am surrounded by idiots and become quite judgemental of other peoples driving. This soon relaxes me and puts everything back in to perspective.

It utilises a natural biological relaxation process (increasing the amount of carbon dioxide you breathe in) as well as bringing your mind to the present moment.  Focusing on your breathing brings you back to the ‘here and now’ rather than time travelling to the future worrying about outcomes.

Simply focus on your breathing and count from 1-7 as you breathe in and from 1-11 as you exhale. You can count out loud or in your head (if possible out loud can make it more effective).

It doesn’t need to be big breaths, just normal relaxed breathing adjusting the pace of the counting to your breath.  After a 10-15 breaths you may begin to notice how different you feel.  If your mind wanders just bring it gently back to your breath.

Alternatively you can count from 1 to 3 on the in breath and 1 to 5 on the out breath if that is more comfortable.  This is what I and many clients do, we must have smaller lung capacities.  In fact I once had a medical for a dive qualification and had to breathe in to a tube and the doctor kept telling me to repeat it as he thought I wasn’t doing it properly!  It turned out I just has a smaller lung capacity!

Happy breathing!