‘Have you ever had radiotherapy?’ asked the doctor as we discussed my fertility test results.

Scientists have discovered that large quantities of junk food can make young men infertile even if they are otherwise healthy.   These are not the first studies to link lifestyle and male fertility.  However they are quite explicit about the dreaded trans fats again which can affect male and female fertility.

It is clear there is a link between lifestyle and fertility, whether male or female fertility and nutrition can play a key role in that.  The way I see it for male fertility is, junk in, junk out!  Or you can see it as poor nutrition poisoning our bodies –  it is wonder the delicate reproduction system affected by toxic chemicals and foods in our body.

Sadly often there is no clear reason for the tests showing you infertile.  I went through the lot, I didn’t cycle much, I didn’t wear tight pants, I had a healthy lifestyle, I did however keep my mobile in my trouser pocket most of the day but I stopped doing that and it didn’t make any difference.  I was left feeling hopeless and grieving.

However there must have been something about my lifsetyle affecting my fertility for my wife to become pregnant 2 months after me handing my notice in at my job which I was not enjoying.  I didn’t really feel any real difference as it wasn’t as if I knew what I was going on to do.  I just knew I didn’t want to be there in 6 months time so I had to do something to ensure that wasn’t the case!

To me it shows how delicate fertility can be and how we need to look at all areas of our life, including our mind (emotions, thinking, beliefs) to see what we can do to improve our fertility naturally.  I do believe an awful lot of couples go through IVF when it could have been prevented if they had sought a more natural and holistic approach.  Unfortunately as soon as you enter the NHS process you are on the conveyor belt to IVF…

What can you do to seek a more natural and holistic approach to your fertility?