Fertility from the

inside out


Creating your fertile mind and fertile body

Do these sound familiar?


Fear of it never happening for you.


Struggling to stay positive and believe you will be the parent you long to be.


The rollercoaster of emotions from hope to despair. Avoiding situations where you may find painful.

✔ Let of of the fear of not getting pregnant

✔ Stop life feeling on hold

✔ Have greater emotional resilience

✔ Be more positive

✔ Be OK seeing pregnant women

✔ Find peace of mind whilst continuing the journey

The inside-out transformation

Over the past 10 years, I’ve supported hundreds of clients as they undergo their own personal transformations to be have more peace and contentment. This is the place where the fertility magic can happen. It is also the place where you thrive and create a life that inspires you, even ahead of having a baby.  

Fear of not getting pregnant can under-mine everything you do to improve your chances of getting pregnant. The key to success is letting go fo that fear. But how do you do that? By understanding what creates it in the first place. Thought. We mis-understand that nature of thoughts and feelings which means we end up giving them more power and hold over us than we need to. 

This programme equips you with a fresh understanding and experience of yourself, your circumstances, your thoughts and your emotions. It moves people from feeling powerless and a victim to feeling empowered and resourced. It shifts you from being in fear to being the creator of your experience regardless of circumstances. 

Is time for you to feel empowered, equipped, let go of fear and find your innate super-powers that fast-track your journey to getting pregnant? 

Hi Russell, Just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful programme. We just got our positive pregnancy result last week. I really feel that your programme kept me strong optimistic and have faith that we would succeed. KAY
Hi Russell, I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I found out today that we are pregnant with twins!   I found the programme incredibly calming and soothing and really think they played a significant role in getting us to where we are today.  So thank you! LAURA Pregnant with 3rd IVF cycle
The Fertile Mind programme helped helped me feel that my own body could be strong enough to maintain a pregnancy even though I couldn’t produce eggs – now I know its strong enough for both! CHLOE Pregnant naturally ahead of starting egg donation



Let go of fear and the negative stories that loop round your head.


of mind

Find a place of peace without giving up (it does exist!).



Stop life feeling on hold and find your flow again.  The more life flows the more your body flows.



Realise you are not alone or wrong for feeling how you do.

“The programme came to me at the right time and set me on the right path and has given me a great insight to life and in particular, our thinking.  I initially joined purely for fertility reasons/issues but very quickly realised that is could help me in all walks of life, not just fertility.   It has helped me greatly in terms of how I think about things in general and in particular work!  I had no idea when starting the project just how much I would learn and grow from it.  I looked forward to the weekly resources which were a brilliant source of topics, I still listen to them now.  It has opened up doors for me, I never thought this time last year would be even possible.”


“I would highly recommend the programme.  It helped me in so many ways I never thought possible.  It helped me be more of myself and feel calm in a very difficult place.  It changed my thinking and helped me connect to the moment, instead of worrying about the future, teaching me the techniques needed to aid my wellbeing and feel more in control of my life empowering me to follow my heart to fulfil my purpose in life.”


“After 3 failed IVF PGD attempts I really was in a very low\lonely place of despair/failure.  Just by chance one night I came across your website while sitting up late searching on fertility.  I am so glad I found it as you have been an enormous help/support to me through Butterfly and beyond!  I felt like I had landed in a different world where no-one spoke my language or no longer understood anything about me.  From the very first call, I felt so uplifted to realise that I was not alone on this very difficult journey and instantly felt a great connection with the other ladies which has continued.”



The Program

I will be sharing the understandings that facilitated my own transformation and fertility success that I share with all my clients. This is an opportunity to get live access to my that my clients pay £000’s for.

This is not 1:1 therapy and coaching. My 1:1 clients get the opportunity to dive deep in to their journey and remove their personal psychological blocks to getting pregnant.

 This is an opportunity to get in to conversation and learn what I learned that changed my life from the inside-out.It’s about seeing through the misunderstandings and illusions we have about what creates out human experience and who we really are that prevent us from connecting to our own amazing innate emotional health and well-being despite our circumstances.

✔ Three months transformation with a small group of women 

✔ Weekly resources to stimulate your transformation

✔ Group coaching calls with Russell

✔ Secret Facebook group for support day to day




WHERE: In the comfort of your own home using online resources and online video conferencing (very easy if you’ve not done it before).

WHEN:  The Programme will start on 16th October and run for 12 weeks. Resources will be sent out weekly. The group video calls will be on alternate Wednesdays 8pm BST/12 noon PDT/3pm EDT. Replays will be available to participants. 

The programme runs through the Autumn/Fall and provides invaluable support over the Christmas period and helps you launch 2020 feeling like a new woman. 

I like to work with committed clients so like honour those that are committed to their journey who take decisive action so…

Early Birds (until 30th September): £200/month  ($250 USD*)

Late Birds (from 1st October): £230/month ($285 USD*)

* exact amount will depend on exchange rate of your bank at time of purchase)

I am curating a cocoon for transformation. If you are ready to let go of your fears of not having a baby then click the button below and I’ll email you confirmation.

This button creates an email to me. Just say ‘I’m in for being inside-out!‘ and I’ll contact you to check it’s right for you and if so we’ll make it happen! 


“I am 7 weeks pregnant with twins! It is my belief that the support you gave me was a big part of my success story. Thank you Russell, from the bottom of my heart for helping me make my dreams come true.”


“I want to say a huge thank you from my heart from myself and on behalf of my partner, for being such an amazing help on our journey. We went through our first ICSI and I am so happy to tell you the news that I am 13 weeks pregnant! I have had my first scan and all looks healthy and well with baby.”


“I wanted to say thank-you to you for your very wise words and encouragement.  Your words have hit the spot so many times and I have felt so understood by you which I haven’t by others so thank-you.”



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