I recently watched two films that I absolutely loved. I found them encouraging, inspiring and challenging.

I love watching films but am becoming more discerning about what I invest my time in watching and spend more time looking for films that inspire or speak to me in some way.

We are surrounded by society that tells us happiness and security comes from external things whether that’s achievements, size of salary/car/house or what people think of us. Marketing bombards us with messages of ‘buy this and you’ll feel good/be happy’.

We get hypnotised to believe this from a young age, perhaps at school worrying what parents or teachers thought of us or trying to meet their expectations of us; believing our sense of being OK was dependent on it. Educational systems often perpetuate this out-side in thinking.

This turns our attention to external things, worrying about future stuff that hasn’t happened yet or that we can’t control – however our thinking tells us we’ll be happy if we did – so we try – very hard! Why wouldn’t we? We believe it leads to happiness.

How much time and energy do you spend focussing or worrying or trying to control the future? Researching new things to try to get that positive test result. I know, I spent an awful lot of time in my head thinking about the future, trying to control it, worrying what it would be like if we weren’t able to have children etc. etc.

The truth is we are looking in the wrong place. Our happiness is not dependent on anything external and nothing can predict the future, not even our thinking.

The films reminded me of the wonderful truth that nothing exists apart from the present moment. All this thinking takes us away from the present moment and we miss so much. When we are in the present moment we can tune into our innate sense of wellbeing, which we can only access when we are truly in the moment. We also reconnect to our body.

“People are not their thoughts, they think they are and it brings them all kinds of sadness” – Dan Millman, The Way of The Peaceful Warrior.

Our thoughts tell us stories that are just not true. How would you be if you could relax and be in the present moment? Trusting your wellbeing is within you. Everything you want to feel is in you. Peace of mind. Fulfilment.

I am not saying you don’t want a baby, of course you do. But part of you may be telling you that your happiness depends on it. It truly feels like it, I know I’ve been there. But that feeling is a result of thinking in your head. Not your innate wisdom and intuition. Thinking, stories, illusions about the future. How do you know they are true?

It means you can continue your journey with peace by letting them go and coming back to the present moment.

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So I encourage you to watch The Way of the Peaceful Warrior (power of the mind, inspired by a true story, one of my all time favourite films which I never get tired of seeing) and About Time (romantic comedy). Two very different films but both with a wonderful reminder of how there is nothing not going on in the moment, we just miss it by being in our thinking.

A client once told me life became HD (High Definition) when she let go of her thinking. Everything becomes richer; the experiences, the sounds, the colours. She was happy again for the first time in many years. She could continue her journey to motherhood with a very different outlook and experience day to day.

Are you ready to experience life again, in the moment, in HD?

Contact me if you want to reconnect with life and we can have a chat to see whether you think I can help you.

With love

Russell Davis hypnosis for fertility