Where does time go?  We are nearly half way through 2013 already.  How is your year going for you?

Do you have goals for this year? Goals can be useful.

But hold them lightly.

I am going to remind you of something I said at the beginning of the year.

We think if we don’t strive for our goals we won’t achieve them which means we won’t create the things in life we think we want.

Having a vision or goals are great but focussing on them at the expense of the hear and now can be detrimental to your happiness.

I know a very successful coach who holds big events and at these events around the New Year he asks them to consider the memories that make them smile, the things they enjoyed and the things that they were grateful for in the previous year.

He then asked them which of these things were planned/goals they were striving for and which were happy coincidences.

2:1 to happy coincidences.

Sometimes we hold on to goals so tightly because we are scared of not achieving them.

When we obsess on what we want to achieve, where we want to be it prevents us from being in the here and now.  We miss new opportunities.  We don’t hear our instinct or intuition.

You may be planning to go out for a Chinese meal at the end of the week.  You have been looking forward to it all week.  When it comes to it you go in to town and before you get to the restaurant you bump in to old friends.  You get chatting and they say they are off for an Indian and would you like to join them.  You decide that would be fun and go with them.

If you hold on to your goals too tightly you may miss opportunities that can give you want you want in a way you don’t expect.  To give you the feeling that is behind the goal.  Let go of outcomes and you find that peace of mind/fulfilment/security, but it may not be in the way you expect.

It’s about holding the goal and the here and now hand in hand.

That requires acceptance of where you are today.

What prevents you from accepting where you are today?

If it’s a thought about the future or the past then it’s not true, it is fantasy because the past is no longer with us and no-one can predict the future.

With love

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