How Fertility Hypnosis Works

Improve your fertility and get pregnant with The Fertile Mind®…

  1. Fertility hypnosis goes beyond relaxation…
  2. 100% natural – utilises the scientifically proven mind-body link
  3. Uses your mind to change your body
  4. Let’s go of stress, limiting thoughts and beliefs
  5. Compliments fertility treatment such as IVF

Mind your fertility to get pregnant

Reproduction is one of our most delicately balanced biological systems (e.g. the precise cocktail of hormones required).

Stress, limiting thoughts and beliefs can all affect fertility and conception, reducing your chance of getting pregnant whether naturally or with fertility treatment.  Infertility itself can be a source of great stress.

The good news is that you can improve your fertility and IVF success rates… naturally.

Your thoughts and emotions directly impact your body and your fertility. You may have noticed when you are embarrassed you feel warmer and your face may go red, or have you ever woken up from a nightmare in a cold sweat?  These are examples of how your mind and body are one system.

You can harness this to improve your fertility and accelerate your journey to getting pregnant.

You can even use your mind to change your body, which I do for healing illness and injury for myself and clients.  See the Scientific Evidence for more information on how this works.

The Fertile Mind® guides your unconscious to create the changes in your mind and body you need to improve your fertility naturally and maximise your ability to get pregnant.  The programs support both female infertility and male infertility and wonderfully compliment other infertility treatment such as IUI, IVF, ICSI and GIFT as well as other holistic treatment you may be using to improve your fertility such as acupuncture.

“Within weeks I was pregnant! My body believed that I could get pregnant again”

“Having tried for over three years to conceive our second child with failed IVF attempts, we had reached the end of the road with our fertility clinic. We had to accept that we would not be able to give our daughter a sibling.

I came across Russell’s program and commenced listening to ‘The Fertile Mind’ Natural Conception program. Within weeks I was pregnant! My body believed that I could get pregnant again. There may have been some subconscious reason for not being able to conceive again. My beautiful daughter is now 3 weeks old and we cannot believe how blessed we are. Thank you Russell.”

Beyond relaxation

Fertility relaxation programs can give you moments or periods of respite from the day to day experiences of infertility.

However fertility hypnosis goes beyond that.  It facilitates you letting go of  negative thinking and beliefs that are creating or maintaing emotions such as stress, anger or hopelessness you may be feeling.

Fertility hypnosis also actively utilises the mind-body link to change your biology.  Your mind controls your bodily functions including balancing hormones  and other critical processes required for successful conception and pregnancy.

Personal experience

Sometimes it can be difficult to change our thoughts, feelings and beliefs particularly on the emotional rollercoaster of infertility (I know, I’ve been there), particularly when so much of our experience is controlled by our unconscious mind.

Using leading edge techniques and my personal experience The Fertile Mind® fertility hypnosis re-tunes your unconscious mind to help you let go of stress, anxiety, lack of belief, or whatever it is that could be holding your body back from doing what you want it to do, getting pregnant.

It can be used to support other infertility treatment such as IVF, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and nutrition.

Leading edge techniques

self hypnosis for fertilityThe Fertile Mind® programs use WordWeaving™, the leading edge hypnotherapy technique to naturally guide your unconscious mind in assisting you with what you want to achieve – improve your fertility – to create short (circa 10 minute) enjoyable relaxing hypnosis tracks for you to listen to each day, preferably as you go to sleep.

Most clients find it so relaxing they are often asleep before the end (and sleep so much better), which is absolutely fine as your unconscious mind is still awake, listening and helping your improve your fertility and chances of getting pregnant.

The Fertile Mind also helps you let go of the roller coaster of emotions and stress that infertility can bring.  You can begin to feel more in control and more like yourself.

The beauty of Wordweaving™ is that it makes no assumptions about you, which is good because you are unique!  I may have personal experience of infertility however no-ones journey or experience is the same. You will be led by your unconscious mind to make the changes you need in your life to improve your fertility and achieve what you want, The Fertile Mind® being your guide.  See Your Fertility for more details.

Enjoyable… achievable… sustainable…

By listening to an enjoyable relaxing 10 minute fertility hypnosis track each day you can help your mind and body be in the best state possible for you to conceive and get pregnant, whether through natural conception or assisted conception such as IVF (we have specific programs for each).

Can change be that easy?  Yes it can.  The world has created an illusion that there is ‘no pain without gain’. Or letting go of limiting beliefs or unconscious thinking/habits takes hard work and a lot of time.  This is not true. You may be able to improve your fertility naturally more easily than you think.

What is the difference between The Fertile Mind and fertility relaxation CDs?

  1. The Fertile Mind uses a modern approach to hypnotherapy call Cognitive Hypnotherapy which utilises a more scientific approach to hypnotic suggestions called  Wordweaving™.   It is based on the modern scientific understanding of the mind, is not prescriptive and creates a framework for your unconscious mind to do what it needs to do in your unique situation. Everyone is unique and experience infertility in their own way.  My experience may not be the same as yours.  I may not relax in the same way you do so there is no telling you where to go to relax in The Fertile Mind!  This is why people are usually asleep before the end of a short The Fertile Mind track!
  2. It is more than fertility relaxation.  Relaxation will give you moments of respite from the stress, pain and roller-coaster of emotions infertility brings.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy moves you on in your journey.  It allows you to let go of the underlying causes of the pain, anger and stress and help you move from despair to hope and actively utilise the mind-body link to guide your body to success.  This is why people tend to experience a shift in how they feel all day, not just during listening.  The also find themselves taking care of themselves (e.g. what they eat) effortlessly as their unconscious mind is being re-tuned to do what they want – be in the optimal shape physically and mentally to get pregnant.
  3. The Fertile Mind is all you need for your complete fertility cycle on one program.  Each program includes a number of tracks for each stage of the process which is why there are specific programs for natural and assisted conception.  No additional CDs to buy.
  4. The tracks on The Fertile Mind are deliberately short.  They are kept to 11-12 minutes as that is all hypnosis tracks need to be. Most people that listen are asleep before the end (which is OK as the subconscious mind  is still awake and listening!).  I do not pad them out just so you feel you are getting more value for money, that comes from the benefits you get.  I keep them short so listening to one each day is sustainable and remains enjoyable and does not become a chore.  It is through the repetition (ideally over 28 days) that you get the change you want.  Too often people buy hypnosis/relaxation programs and stop listening as it becomes a chore,  or something else they have to fit in their day.  I want you to enjoy using the programs just like others do so you too can get the maximum benefit.