What is hope?

Is it a good thing? Surely having hope is a good thing.

Hope helps you stay positive, doesn’t it?

Hope keeps away despair and fear, doesn’t it?

Hope is thinking, thinking about the future.

And nothing can predict the future, not even our thinking.

I would say hope can be fuelled by fear.

Fearful thinking that something won’t (or will) happen.

Hope is wanting, praying, longing – which cab be fuelled by fear and perhaps even desperation.

Hope and fear – two sides of the same coin?

Just like you can’t have anger without love – you can’t be angry with someone you don’t care about. The opposite of love is not anger, it’s indifference.

The opposite of fear is not hope or belief, it’s acceptance.

Hope is still future thinking. Any thinking that is not in the present moment is fantasy.

When you have acceptance you don’t need hope because everything is OK, you have everything you need in the here and now.

I can remember all too well wishing and hoping things were different on our journey.  Longing for things to be different. Until I found peace and acceptance. A place of peace without giving up (it does exist, trust me!)

I could then continue our journey, still wanting to have a baby but without the fear of it not happening.  Because you don’t need hope when in the here and now.  You tune into your innate well-being.

Acceptance doesn’t mean giving up. You know you can continue your journey without fear or desperation because when we’re in the here and now we recognise we have everything we need. We come into the world without needing anything to have a sense of being OK, we have innate well-being.

When was the last time you looked at a baby and thought they weren’t complete? Thought they needed something. We come into the world in tune to our sense of innate well-being. As we grow up, particularly during childhood, we get more tuned into our thinking that tells us our well-being; sense of being OK, is dependent on external things.

For example ‘I’m OK if people think well of me’ or whatever it may be.  However, our thinking is not truth.  When we let go of these stories our thinking tells us we return to our default setting of peace of mind, acceptance of the present moment, knowing that we are absolutely OK in this present moment.

What stories are you telling yourself?

When you see they are just that, stories, you can then continue your journey with peace of mind.

With love

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