Hi there from still a very cold England!  Spring is supposed to be here, although it doesn’t feel like it!

I am sorry for the absence of blogs over the last few weeks. My father passed away quite suddenly so as you can imagine I took some time off before engaging with clients and work again.

I have been reflecting more on how in many ways infertility is a grieving experience.  My emotions over the last few weeks have reminded me of our fertility journey and the pain and loss we experienced time and time again along the way.

I think often people on the outside just don’t understand this.  It is not a single experience of loss and pain, it can come back with each crashing of another false hope, with each negative test result or unsuccessful cycle.

Whenever I see the same car that my dad drove I get a roller-coaster of emotions inside me, just as I did when my friends talked about times with their children. The sadness, and grief wells up.
I think sometimes we under estimate the level of pain on the fertility journey and that it is akin to grief – ongoing grief.

So, take care of yourself.  Too often we are frantic seeking solution after solution, desperate for an answer, desperate for some hope and peace.
We don’t know what the future holds.

We cannot predict the future – despite your thinking telling you that it’s not going to happen for you, or you are never going to find a sense of peace.

Spring is a time of new beginning. Easter is a time of hope.

I wish you times of peace and hope over the Easter period and beyond.

With love