Fertility Hypnosis

Harness the power of the mind-body link to guide your body to success

Fertility Hypnosis

helping you Get Pregnant

The Fertile Mind fertility hypnosis programs utilise the scientifically proven mind-body link to help maximise your chances of getting pregnant. They also help let go of any negative emotions such as stress, negative thinking or limiting beliefs usually experienced on the fertility rollercoaster that also may be holding you back from getting pregnant.

Research has shown that the stress levels of women struggling to get pregnant are equivalent to those with cancer, AIDS, or heart disease (and no-one tells them, just to relax!). It also shows that the more distress a woman reports prior to infertility treatment, the less likely she is to conceive.

The Fertile Mind fertility hypnosis programmes can be used whether trying naturally or with fertility treatment such as IVF or ICSI. They also complement other ways of supporting your success such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture or nutrition.


There are tailored programs for female and male fertility and both natural conception and assisted conception.


The Fertile Mind involves listening to a relaxing self-hypnosis track each night which makes it enjoyable and sustainable.


Getting pregnant is the one thing you cannot control! The Fertile Mind fertility hypnosis programmes help women feel more in control. 


The Fertile Mind fertility hypnosis programs utilise the scientifically proven mind-body link to guide your body the most optimal state for success.   


The Fertile Mind helps you let go of emotions such as anger, hopelessness, fear and anxiety, all of which can hugely affect your chances of success, and find a sense of peace and hope. 


You cannot put a price on having what you want more in the world but The Fertile Mind want to make this life changing program as accessible as possible by making it affordable.

Created With Experience

My name is Russell Davis. I am the creator of the Fertile Mind fertility hypnosis programmes, and a Fertility Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Coach who understands where you might be right now.

My wife and I had a 10-year experience of double infertility (female and male) and know first hand some of the emotion infertility can bring such as anger, jealousy, earth-shattering disappointment, grief, anxiety to name a few.

Just before we began ICSI we conceived naturally and now have our son against all odds (1 in a billion chance we told it would happen). Looking back we can see how our thinking played a significant part in their journey of getting pregnant.

I utilise my personal experience of the infertility emotional rollercoaster, my experience with working with hundreds of clients and my understanding of how the mind can affect your body and fertility. I am the National Council of Hypnotherapy’s fertility expert advisor.

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Hi Russell,
Just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful programme. We just got our positive pregnancy result last week. I really feel that your programme kept me strong optimistic and have faith that we would succeed.

TTC for over 4 years and now has a beautiful baby

Hi Russell,
I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I found out today that we are pregnant with twins!  

I found the programme incredibly calming and soothing and really think they played a significant role in getting us to where we are today.  So thank you!

Pregnant with 3rd IVF cycle

The Fertile Mind programme helped helped me feel that my own body could be strong enough to maintain a pregnancy even though I couldn’t produce eggs – now I know its strong enough for both!

Pregnant naturally ahead of starting egg donation

Leading edge techniques

The Fertile Mind programs use WordWeaving™, the leading edge hypnotherapy technique to naturally guide your unconscious mind in assisting you on your journey to getting pregnant.

They are short enjoyable relaxing hypnosis tracks for each stage of the process.

Skillfully crafted fertility hypnosis do not need to be long. It is the repetition that is key to success. No-one has time to listen to a 45-minute track every day! 

Wordweaving™ makes no assumptions about you, because you are unique! I won’t be telling you to go to a beach to relax, as not everyone finds a beach relaxing! It creates a framework for your own unconscious mind to fill in the blanks in the best way possible for you.

No-one knows what you need more than your unconscious mind. 


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