It was lovely to see this story of hypnosis for fertility as a natural fertility treatment in the mainstream media.  A lovely testimonial as to the power of hypnosis for natural fertility.  I hope this inspires more couples to consider this as hypnosis can be so effective in helping them get pregnant whether naturally or supporting IVF.  I wanted to pick up on a couple of the points raised.  The beauty about this it is not one of my clients or customers of The Fertile Mind so is independent!

“For four years, I had tried to get pregnant, by almost every method imaginable, and now I have my longed for son.”
I think this is so true.  Hypnosis or hypnotherapy for fertility is not the first thing people think of when they are struggling to conceive.  I wish more and more people were aware of this powerful, natural and enjoyable way of helping your fertility and get pregnant.

“Doctors said IVF was the only option left”
I truly believe many couples undergo IVF unnecessarily.   There is a typical course of action an infertility journey takes, looking back I can see it on ours although we had thankfully engaged with a natural and holistic gynaecologist before going to our GP.  However once we had gone to our GP saying we have been trying for a number of years we were immediately on the IVF conveyor built.   How many couples struggle to conceive due to what is going on in their life, their mind which affects their body.  Working with clients and natural fertility clinics now I can see this time and time again, women getting pregnant after ‘trying everything’ – before IVF which should be the last resort.   Again, too many women are not aware of how their mind affects their fertility and how hypnosis can help.

“After two sessions I was more positive. I think I had decided that having a baby was not going to happen and after seeing Paul those doubts disappeared.”
This is exactly what  many clients and customers report.  They move from despair to hope and it is from a position of hope that hypnosis can continue to help you to success.

“Many doctors who work in conventional medicine are dismissive about alternative treatments.”
Sadly this is too true.  However there are more waking up to the power of hypnosis and there is a growing amount of scientific evidence to demonstrate the benefit of hypnosis for fertility.  However we are still waiting for larger scale clinical trials that most doctors want to see.