Benefits of The Fertile Mind Fertility Hypnosis

It will help you feel more in control

Whist trying for a baby whether through natural conception or assisted (such as IVF) it can be quite an disempowering process where you feel you are in the hands of the gods and probability. Experience has shown using The Fertile Mind® fertility hypnosis program has helped women feel more empowered, knowing they can actively do something to improve their chances of success.   The majority of these women have never experienced hypnosis before and found it a wonderful experience.

It will help you find peace of mind

Infertility can bring a whole host of emotions and you may be familiar some of the ones I myself experienced on my journey.  The Fertile Mind® helps you let go of emotions such as anger, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, jealousy all of which can hugely affect your chances of success and find a sense of peace and hope.

It will guide your body to success

The Fertile Mind hypnosis programs utilise the scientifically proven mind-body link which you can use to guide you body to what you want, heal your body and help it be in the most optimal state for success.  Hypnosis takes you beyond just relaxation, it can actively guide your unconscious mind to make the changes in your body and mind you want.

It is relaxing and enjoyable

Listening to the 10 minute relaxing self hypnosis track each day is not only convenient it is enjoyable.  Most people fall asleep well before the end and sleep much better as a result (which is OK as your unconscious mind is still awake!).

The Fertile Mind® is affordable

Although you cannot put a price on having what you want more in the world, a baby, The Fertile Mind® aims at bringing this life changing program to a wider audience so more women can experience the joy by making it affordable.

And best of all, it’s risk free!

We offer a 100% money back guarantee.

“I really had no doubt it was going to work”

“I am pregnant!! The Fertile Mind mp3′s really helped me relax and think positively… I really had no doubt it was going to work!”