Fertility Coaching

Feeling stress about whether you will have a baby?  Perhaps you want to let go of the fear, sadness and stress that could be holding you back?

I truly believe too many couples go through fertility treatment unnecessarily and that the success rate is unnecessarily low – all because stress, beliefs and thinking can get in the way conception which is one of the most delicate processes in our body.

Having been there myself I know how infertility can be a rollercoaster of emotions that can affect all areas of your life.  Unfortunately these emotions could be impacting your chances of success.  The good news is you can let go of them and find a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Using modern approaches of understanding how our mind work, what shapes our experience of life,  I can help you be in the best place mentally and emotionally to maximise your changes of success and increasing your fertility naturally.  I will also help you actively utilise your mind-body link to guide your body to do what you most want it to do.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern approach to therapy that utilises hypnosis and other conversational approaches.  I taylor my approach  to the client as we are all unique and no single approach works with everyone.

I truly believe too many couples go through fertility treatment unnecessarily and that the success rate is unnecessarily low 

Online Consultations

I help women and couples all over the world through telephone/Skype consultations.  My approach to fertility coaching is nothing like fertility counselling.

I can help you change your experience of your journey moment to moment. I change people’s mindset’s for life not just fertility.

Project You v Project Baby

If you, like me, put too much focus on Project Baby then it becomes all consuming. It can take over your life. Life begins to feel on hold. Taking a step back to focus on Project You can buy you time. It can ground you to your innate wellbeing that truly KNOWs whatever happens you will be OK – allowing you to continue with Project Baby with peace and perspective and feel like life is flowing again.

Contact Me to arrange to have a free powerful conversation and to explore further whether this is something that may help you find a sense of peace on your journey –  tuning despair to hope and hope to success.

“Words do not seem enough”

“Further to the previous email, Russell, now that our baby daughter is here, I would like to stress how truly grateful I am.  Elizabeth is all we have ever wanted and I credit you as being an integral part in making our dream a reality. Words do not seem enough.”

I now have a new outlook on life and a new baby

“I looked for a fertility coach but found a life coach. Russell helped me understand how my thinking was affecting me and helped me challenge the way I saw the world. I gained new insight and now have a new outlook on life (and a new baby!).”

“Positive!…I really would not of been ready for this cycle without you”

“Throughout this second cycle of IVF, including the two week wait, I felt so much calmer and at peace then I did during our first cycle. I did falter for a few days last week, when I bled a little, but I was able to regain control much quicker than I would have expected. I wanted to thank you sincerely for everything you have done, I really would not of been ready for this cycle without you. I really do not know how to thank you, words don’t seem enough.”

Pregnant when told needed donor egg.

“As I approach a brand new chapter in my story I have been reflecting on the people, both past and present, in my life. I particularly want to say a heartfelt thank you to you for helping me. Your teachings and the life tools you’ve given me have made the biggest difference and there is probably not a day that passes that I don’t benefit from them. With love and gratitude.”

With you it was great all the way

“Hi Russell, I wrote you earlier about how my infertility journey ended last year with a bouncing baby boy. I am even pregnant with my second baby. I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to you. It was a lonely road I must say but journeying with you made it easier. With you it was great all the way. You are such a great gift to women and humanity at large. “