Fertility Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy



Remove any psychological blocks to getting pregnant.



Create the most united, loving and passionate container for your child to thrive.



Be the magical parents you dream to be despite it being known as the toughest job on earth.



Be an example to your children of how to life a passionate and inspired life.

Remove psychological blocks to getting pregnant

I believe too many couples go through fertility treatment unnecessarily and that the success rate is unnecessarily low – all because stress, beliefs and thinking can get in the way of conception which is one of the most delicate processes in our body.

Having been there myself I know how infertility can be a rollercoaster of emotions that can affect all areas of your life. Unfortunately, these emotions could be impacting your chances of success.

The good news is you can let go of them and find a sense of peace and wellbeing and maximise your chances of getting pregnant.

I help women and couples be in the optimum state psychologically which means their body can be in the optimum state physically maximising the chances of getting pregnant naturally or with IVF. I also help couples actively harness the power of the mind-body link to guide your body to do what you most want it to do.

The combination of coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy is powerful as we have to tools to let go of limiting beliefs and thought patterns that could be holding you back. It’s more than coaching it is therapeutic coaching. 

“I am pregnant with twins! It is my belief that the support Russell gave me was a big part of my success story.  Thank you Russell, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me make my dreams come true.”


“Hi Russell, it’s a boy! I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to you. It was a lonely road I must say but journeying with you made it easier. With you, it was great all the way. You are such a great gift to women and humanity at large.


I feel that your support, even after one session and listening to your tracks, has so far been the most useful, even after 15 years of therapy.


“I looked for a fertility coach but found a life coach. Russell helped me understand how my thinking was affecting me and helped me challenge the way I saw the world. I gained new insight and now have a new outlook on life (and a new baby!).”



If you, like me on our journey, put too much focus on Project Baby then it quickly all-consuming. It can take over your life. Life begins to feel on hold. Every aspect of life begins to be dominated by Project Baby.

Taking a step back to focus on Project You can buy you time. It can ground you to your innate wellbeing that truly KNOWs whatever happens you will be OK. This helps life flow again. And when life flows your body flows.

Focussing on Project You means Project Bay takes more care of itself whether naturally or with fertility treatment such as IVF.

Clients have connected to a sense of purpose and what brings them joy and life even beyond having a baby. They’ve started the projects or business they’ve been meaning to do but have been too scared to in case it impacts Project Baby. Life feels alive again. They have a renewed sense of purpose and direction beyond having a baby.

It means you can continue with Project Baby without the pressure and fear of it not happening. Guess what happens when you do that?


Are you ready for your project you?
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