The Fertile Mind utilises the scientifically proven mind-body link and the fact your unconscious mind is responsible for all your bodily functions. As well as helping you let go of any emotions or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back (e.g. stress) The Fertile Mind self hypnosis products guide your unconscious mind to ensure your mind and body are in the most optimal state to maximise your chances of getting pregnant.
  1. The Fertile Mind uses a modern approach to hypnotherapy call Cognitive Hypnotherapy which utilises a more scientific approach to hypnosis called  Wordweaving™.  Wordweaving™ enables the hypnosis to be more effective.  It also is not prescriptive and creates a framework for your unconscious mind to do what it needs to do in your unique situation.  Everyone is unique and experience infertility in their own way.  My experience may not be the same as yours.  I may not relax in the same way you do so there is no telling you where to go to relax in The Fertile Mind!
  2. It is more than relaxation.  Relaxation will give you moments of respite from the stress, pain and roller-coaster of emotions infertility brings.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy moves you on in your journey.  It allows you to let go of the underlying causes of the pain, anger and stress and help you move from despair to hope and actively utilise the mind-body link to guide your body to success.
  3. The Fertile Mind is all you need for your complete fertility cycle, on one CD/mp3 program.  Each program includes a number of tracks for each stage of the process.  No additional CDs to buy.
  4. The tracks on The Fertile Mind are deliberately short.  They are kept to 11-12 minutes as that is all hypnosis tracks need to be. Most people that listen are asleep before the end even thought they are short (which is OK as the subconscious mind  is still awake and listening!).  I do not pad them out so you feel you are getting more value for money. I keep them short so listening to one each day is sustainable and remains enjoyable.  It is through the repetition (ideally over 28 days) that you get the change you want.  Too often people buy hypnosis/relaxation programs and stop listening as it becomes a chore.  I want you to get the maximum benefit therefore I make as easy for you to do so.
Which program do I need?

The Natural Conception program is for when you trying to get pregnant naturally or with the assistance of IUI.

The Assisted Conception program is for women undergoing any form of assisted conception such as IVF, ICSI and GIFT

When should I start using The Fertile Mind?
Research shows that it can take up to 4 months to fully prepare your body for conception. Having said that many women have had success with The Fertile Mind in a much shorter timescale than that. So the short answer is the sooner the better! Ideally you want to have 28 days continuous listening to get the maximum benefit however again many women have had success using it for less time than this.

Hypnosis utilises a state of trance which is a natural state people go in to many times a day. Have you ever driven a route you often do and get to the destination without remembering any of the journey. That is a state of trance. Watching TV or reading book and losing a sense of time or not being aware of someone talking to you is another example of being in a state of trance.

No one has control over you when you are in a state of trance. It is a state where your conscious mind is quiet and you can have access to your unconscious mind however you can only guide it to do things you are wanting to do. It is for this reason a hypnotherapist cannot help someone to stop smoking if they don’t really want to stop.

I think hypnosis gets a bad reputation from stage hypnotism which is a stage act. They give the impression that the subject is under the control of the hypnotist. This is not the case at all. Stage hypnotists are very skilful at selecting subjects that are highly suggestible and extroverts who are happy dancing around on stage. The events are also usually fuelled by alcohol which lowers the subjects inhibitions.