DR. Christiane Northrup

Visionary health pioneer, women’s health expert, wellness speaker and New York Times best-selling author

Mind-body programs should be the first thing a couple turns to when facing a diagnosis of infertility.

The Fertile Mind program provides that beautifully.

Michael Dooley

Medial Director of the Poundbury Clinic, NHS Consultant Gynaecologist and a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

I fully support integrating natural and holistic approaches such as The Fertile Mind with traditional medical approaches to fertility.

We have had excellent feedback from a patients using the program our clinic.

Hethir Rodriguez

Natural Fertility Specialist and Herbalist.

I am passionate about helping couples prepare for conception and improve their fertility naturally.

I have seen the benefits a mind-body program such as The Fertile Mind can have on fertility and encourage every couple to include a program like this as part of their fertility program.

Dr. Trevor Wing

Medical Director of The Women’s Natural Health Clinic, researcher and lecturer in gynaecological and obstetric healthcare for women.

In my experience it is clear how the mind plays a part in fertility.

I fully support the use of mind-body programs such as The Fertile Mind and look forward to using it within our clinic.