When I am pouring my 3rd bowl of cereal in the evening my wife will gently ask me whether I really need that?

When I first started as a hypnotherapist a natural fertility expert and friend used to refer women to me for weight loss to help their fertility treatment.  I helped them change their relationship with food.  I  know all too well the anxiety and stress experienced on the fertility journey and how food can be used as a comforter.  Here begin’s the viscous circle.  But how to break it?

I think if they are honest everyone can see how they might use food as a comforter from time to time.   That is usually a wake up call for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue with my weight and generally have an excellent diet (high raw vegan) however there still occasions I notice myself turning to food for comfort – and that is without the stress and anxiety of infertility.

Research shows how your weight can affect your fertility and ability to conceive.  This is why I offer a free weight loss held hypnosis track with all my products as I think pretty much anyone can benefit from a more healthy relationship with food, particularly during infertility treatment or trying to conceive.

To help you be more aware of your eating you might like to consider these things when you fancy something to eat:

  1. Do you really need it? Are you physically hungry?  Emotions such as sadness and stress can be confused with physical hunger.  So can thirst.  Put your hand on your stomach and ask yourself whether you are physically hungry.
  2. Do you really, really want it?  Imagine how you would feel 30mins or an hour or so after eating it.  Imagine it in your stomach, how comfortable would you feel.

Enjoy exploring a new more healthy relationship for food for your fertility, wellbeing and happiness.