I wanted to introduce to you one of our products in more detail so I can explain in more detail how it can support your fertility treatment whether IVF, ICSI or GIFT and increase your chances of success.  This is the Assisted Conception program.  If you are trying to conceive naturally then you can use our natural conception program.

How can hypnosis help with my fertility treatment?

Hypnosis can double IVF fertility treatment success rates as well as enabling you to remain calm, in control and will stop you freaking out!

One of the things customers have liked about this program is that it enables you to be able to imagine a fulfilled life beyond the next cycle.   I know this can sound hard to believe as you read this you are probably experiencing life being on hold until the next cycle.  In fact, it has probably felt on hold for a number of years.  If you feel life is ‘stuck’, your mind is ‘stuck’ and there are chances your body is stuck to.  Not free for the cycle of life to flow.

Is there any scientific evidence?

There are plenty of examples of how your mind can affect your body, for better or worse. You can not only let go of any negative affect your thinking, feelings and beliefs are having on your fertility you can actually harness the mind-body link and use it to your advantage and increase your IVF success rate through self hypnosis and visualisations.  You can find more details of the scientific evidence behind the fertility hypnosis here.

What do I actually do?

All you need to do is listen to a short, relaxing and enjoyable mp3 track each day, ideally before going to sleep at night.  A lot of customers find it so relaxing they fall asleep to it and sleep a lot deeper waking up more refreshed.  Each track is only about 10-12 minutes long so it is sustainable as well as enjoyable.  There are different track to focus your mind-body link on the various aspects of the process whether general preparation, egg harvesting or embryo transfer.

Can it be that easy?

Yes it can.  Hypnosis can be a powerful addition to your fertility treatment leading to your success at getting pregnant.

 How do I begin?

If you haven’t done so start by downloading our free Get Started pack which gives you some self hypnosis techniques and a free relaxation hypnosis track.