Sharon’s Story

Read Sharon’s story. It can happen for you as well. I’ve not emailed before so will give you a bit of background. Me and my partner have been trying to have a baby for two and half years. Although I had been pregnant in that time and unfortunately lost it we had a referral for […]

Seeing Someone Pregnant

Why is it that when you choose what car you are going to buy you suddenly see more of them on the road? When I was training as a hypnotherapist our trainer used to do a group hypnosis session at the end of the day to help cement the learning e.t.c., and he used to […]

Life is…

Finish this statement: Life is a… We bring our thinking about life and ourselves in to our fertility journey, we don’t create new beliefs within it, the emotional roller coaster generally shines a spotlight on the thinking we had already. When I look back that is one of the things I am grateful for about […]

You Are Not Who You Think You Are

When we’re born we’re as a diamond, perfect and unique. Then things happen in life, life is a contact sport. It is like horse manure gets thrown at the diamond. And sometimes it sticks. And before we know it, all we see is a pile of horse manure. And we don’t like what we see. We […]

Are You Flowing or Choking?

Our son has always been a climber. Even before he could walk he established that pushing books back on the shelves turned a bookcase into a ladder. Once he woke up in the morning and got out of bed on a mission. He wanted the final piece of his Easter egg which had been placed out […]

How Anything More Than Nothing is Good

Often, when life gets very busy we put off looking after ourselves, we do not allow for ‘me’time.  While the reasons are sound, it is important to make ourselves a priority over all other obligations.  Now is the time to break this habit and change. Life can be busy and there will always be things […]

How to Be Happier!

Do you find that your thoughts are preparing you for disappointment? You think about the worst case scenario, so you can prepare yourself or not get your hopes up too much. Creating a false sense of control over disappointment if things don’t work out.  I know I can do that. In my personal experience, I didn’t […]

How to Find a Sense of Wellbeing

The ‘Human Givens’ approach to therapy is based on a list of ‘givens’ or emotional needs of humans. If any of these needs are not met then it could impact our emotional wellbeing and can lead to stress, anxiety and disharmony in our lives. When you look at these needs I think it highlights why […]

What’s the Need Behind the Feeling?

When we experience emotions such as anger, pain or stress it can be a signal that our emotional needs are not being met. For example, if you’re talking to your partner and you start to feel angry with them because you think they are not listening, it could be a signal that your need to […]

What to Do When All You See Are Pregnant Women

Why is it when you choose your next car you suddenly see more and more of them on the road? Why is it when you’re struggling to get pregnant all you see are pregnant women, babies and young families? Find out how can you let go of the pain that often comes from seeing pregnant women and maintain peace of mind and a sense of being OK.