Infertility – it’s not fair!

  I’ve been more aware recently how I still have anger in me, For me it’s mainly from childhood experiences as well as anger at ‘life’ for not ‘being fair’, this was particularly strong in relation to infertility. It’s more of an undercurrent of resentment and frustration rather than rage. I had a lot of […]

Do you feel heard?

How well do you listen? I think the way we listen to other people can give an indication of how we listen to ourselves and engage in life. Sometimes when you are in conversation with someone you might be aware of how your mind wanders. Whilst listening to the other person you can be aware […]

Is your mindset holding you back from getting pregnant?

A lot of my clients have built success in other areas of their lives such as their career, relationships and other projects. Often they bring the mindset they applied to these things to their fertility. They often felt a sense of being in control of their career, seeing the fruits of their labour, however they […]

Clear the cluttered inbox of your mind

One of the things that comes up quite frequently when speaking to a prospective client is ‘over thinking’ or a having busy mind. I have just been clearing my email inbox and I think it is a good analogy for thinking. I came across a great little tool to unsubscribe from various subscriptions I tend […]

Find the gifts in every day

One of the things I love about running is the wisdom and insight I get on my runs. I used to listen to music while running the now I use it as a form of meditation. I run barefoot which helps me tune into my body, connect to myself and to nature. I recently ran […]

It’s not what you do it’s why you do it…

Recently whilst clearing out some paperwork I came across my test results from our fertility journey. I was interested in mapping out the dates of the tests/results to where we were on our journey as I made a number of life changes during it. The first result was disastrous. I will never forget that one, […]

3 things you can do to increase your IVF success rate

For brevity I am going to use the term ‘IVF’ as a generic term for fertility treatment, including ICSI, donor egg/sperm etc. There are three major factors that can increase IVF success rate. The quality of the embryo(s). The uterine environment the embryo(s) is/are being placed into. The embryo-uterus interaction. With fertility treatment there can be […]

3 things to increase your chances of getting pregnant

Everywhere you look, you find more and more advice, products and information to help increase your chances of getting pregnant. I would like to take a step back and share some of the things I have learnt through our personal journey and working with 100’s of clients all over the world. Don’t put life on hold […]

How your mind can change your body…

Listen to how you can utilise visualisations to change your body!  I’ve had clients who don’t ovulate who start ovulating and other physical changes when they start harnessing the power of the mind-body link. Find out how you can do this. With love

The post I have been too scared to write…

So here it is. The post I have been too scared to write. My truth. I want to hold nothing back. As well as supporting women through their fertility journey I also coach people to find their sense of purpose and I’ve always seen an overlap between the two areas of work but have been too […]