We moved from London to the rural life of Cornwall and many people who make big moves like that are seeking a new way of being. A different experience in life. To escape the rat-race and find more inner peace. However often they find it is no different to when they were in London, they are still just as stressed but just stress about different things in Cornwall!

Our mind can be the walls of our experience, they can often feel like prison walls.

Do you feel like a prisoner? The prison walls of life preventing you living the life you want – getting to the destination on your fertility journey and being a mother.

Stopping you being fulfilled or having peace of mind.

Are you in the fertility prison of ‘fear time running out’? Or ‘don’t deserve good things such as children’? Or perhaps you are on the ‘it’s not fair’ wing?

That feeling of being trapped, not being able to move on or stuck is actually your thinking you are experiencing. You are only ever feeling your thinking – not your circumstances.

We are held prisoner by our thinking – the prison guards keeping us locked up in this place of despair, pain and hopelessness. The prison walls that prevent us from seeing or experiencing something different on the fertility journey.


It is true we don’t have control over what thoughts we have. But we do have control over whether we give them life, whether we chose to entertain them or believe them.

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The conveyor belt of thoughts!

In many cities in the UK there is a sushi restaurant chain called Yo Sushi! (sadly none in Cornwall!). You sit at a counter with a conveyor belt. On the conveyor belt pass by different sushi dishes. As they pass by you take the ones you want. At the end of your meal they count up the number of empty dishes and know what to charge you. And no need to tip the conveyor belt!

Our mind is a bit like that sushi conveyor belt. We don’t have control over what dishes/thoughts come to us, however we do have control over whether to take them on board.

The thoughts that tell you it is never going to happen. The thoughts that tell you you are never going to be happy or fulfilled without a child. How do you know they are true? Thought are not truth. They tell us a story about the future, based on past experience, but that’s what it is, a story.

No-one can predict the future, not even your thinking.

If we don’t entertain a thought it passes on out of our awareness without us doing anything.

That is the natural nature of thought.

We all get crazy thoughts coming to mind but they are gone and forgotten about as quickly as they come in. We don’t judge ourselves for having them or dwell on them, they are gone like clouds in a breeze or the sushi dish on the conveyor belt we didn’t want.

This is then we access our inner wisdom, our instinct, intuition that was drowned out by the noise of thought. That is a much better guidance mechanism for life.

When we let go of our thinking we access innate wellbeing. A sense of peace on our journey (without giving up). I promise you that place does exist. We found it on our journey and I have helped many many women find it.

Peace of mind.

You have the key to let yourself out of your prison. The key is trusting your inner wisdom, your instinct and intuition and let go of the thinking (stories in your mind) that has been holding you prisoner up to now.

This is why moving to a place like Cornwall doesn’t guarantee you the peaceful life you expect. When you look for answers on the outside you don’t find them, your experience is created by what’s on the inside.

If you want to have a conversation to explore this deeper for you, contact me. As well as working with people in Cornwall and London I work with people all over the world via phone and Skype.

With love