When you see someone pregnant what feeling wells up in you?  

For me it was resentment.  Then overwhelming sadness.

Whether it is resentment, anger, jealousy it could be peace, or even happiness for them.  


Acceptance is not… 

…resigning to believe you are never going to get pregnant.

…denying your own needs, wishes and desires. Far from it.

Acceptance is not giving up.

Acceptance is…

…letting go of the stories you are telling yourself about the future e.g. ‘It’s never going to happen’.

…letting go of the thinking you have about yourself e.g. ‘I don’t deserve to have a baby as I won’t be a good mother’.

…letting go of judgements. e.g. ‘It’s not fair’ – they’re just thoughts/stories you are choosing to believe.

…accepting reality and finding self compassion for you and joy for others in that reality instead of self pity.

How do you accept?

Stop giving airtime to your thinking about the future. Come back to the present moment.  No-one can predict the future, not even your thinking.  

When you let go of these stories you find a sense of wisdom and peace of mind within you, that’s always there, it just get drowned out by the noise of thinking/analysing/worrying in your head.  

It is then you regain perspective.  

You gain some clarity on the situation.

You find that peace of mind which enables you to continue your journey from a stronger less desperate place.

What story can you begin to let go of today?

With love

Russell Davis hypnosis for fertility



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