“Positive!…I really would not of been ready for this cycle without you” ”Well it is very early days but we took two pregnancy tests on Monday and they were both positive! Throughout this second cycle of IVF, including the two week wait, I felt so much calmer and at peace then I did during our […]


“Words do not seem enough” “Further to the previous email, Russell, now that our baby daughter is here, I would like to stress how truly grateful I am.  Elizabeth is all we have ever wanted and I credit you as being an integral part in making our dream a reality. Words do not seem enough.”

Laura, UK

Pregnant on 3rd IVF “Hi Russell, I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I found out today (7 weeks scan) that we are pregnant with twins! This was our third IVF. I found the recordings incredibly calming and soothing and really think they played a significant role in getting us to […]


IVF success with stage 4 endometriosis & undetectable ovarian reserve… I went through IVF last year and I really do feel like I owe Russell’s programme for our success. His voice was a constant presence in my life and the hypnosis helped me relax and turn something very scary into something positive. We had a beautiful daughter. […]


I now have a new outlook on life and a new baby “I looked for a fertility coach but found a life coach. Russell helped me understand how my thinking was affecting me and helped me challenge the way I saw the world. I gained new insight and now have a new outlook on life […]


I used your hypnosis for our second round of IVF and had a dramatically different experience.  I was so much calmer, my uterine lining was twice as thick as the first transfer, and I’m happy to say that I’m 21 weeks pregnant right now.  I’ve told my acupuncturist about you and will definitely recommend you […]

NC, Nigeria

With you it was great all the way “Hi Russell, I wrote you earlier about how my infertility journey ended last year with a bouncing baby boy. I am even pregnant with my second baby. I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to you. It was a lonely road I must […]


Invaluable at changing my mindset “In my 7th month of pregnancy, after 2 failed cycles of IVF and lots of desperation, I feel strongly now to share how much support and benefits I received from the Fertile Mind program. At times we feel we are doing everything right and we know all the theory, but […]

RK, Netherlands

“Your words have hit the spot so many times and I have felt so understood by you” “I wanted to say thank-you to you for your very wise words and encouragement since I had found your website last year when we first began IVF.  Your words have hit the spot so many times and I […]


“She now has a beautiful baby sister…” “You may remember that we spoke on the phone about ten or eleven months ago… I was about to undergo IVF and you gave me some great advice. I bought your mp3 for assisted conception and listened to it religiously every day before and throughout the treatment. I […]