Fertility Coaching and Consultations

Interested in improving your fertility? Feeling stress about your fertility treatment?  Perhaps you want to let go of the pain, sadness and stress that could be holding you back?

I truly believe too many couples go through fertility treatment unnecessarily and that the success rate is unnecessarily low – all because stress, beliefs and thinking can get in the way conception which is one of the most delicate processes in our body.

Having been there myself I know how infertility can be a rollercoaster of emotions that can affect all areas of your life.  Unfortunately these emotions could be impacting your chances of success.  The good news is you can let go of them and find a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Using modern approaches of understanding how our mind work, what shapes our experience of life,  I can help you be in the best place mentally and emotionally to maximise your changes of success and increasing your fertility naturally.  I will also help you actively utilise your mind-body link to guide your body to do what you most want it to do.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a modern approach to therapy that utilises hypnosis and other approaches.  I taylor my approach  to the client as we are all unique and no single approach works with everyone.

I truly believe too many couples go through fertility treatment unnecessarily and that the success rate is unnecessarily low 

London and Cornwall Clinics

I  see clients for private consultations at the in London (Harley Street) and in Truro, Cornwall.  For more information Contact me to arrange a free phone consultation.

Telephone Consultations

I help women and couples all over the world through telephone/Skype consultations.  My approach to fertility coaching is nothing like fertility counselling.

I can help you change your experience of your journey moment to moment whether you want a one-off session or me to be your IVF companion which provides six sessions to support you through the whole process which includes bespoke self hypnosis tracks to support your journey.

Contact Me to arrange to have a free powerful conversation and to explore further whether this is something that may help you find a sense of peace on your journey –  tuning despair to hope and hope to success.

“I would recommend anyone to have a telephone conversation with you.”

“Thank you very much for your help on the telephone.  I was feeling quite stressed with dealing with all life’s problems and the idea of pregnancy seemed a distant dream, one I felt was becoming out of my reach.  Your relaxation suggestions helped me to relax and put all my problems in their proper perspective. I also have renewed confidence in my ability to become pregnant. I had been struggling with excess weight and sugar cravings for a long time and felt out of control.  Your visualisation techniques really helped and seemed to give my self-control a boost.  Shortly afterwards I finally managed to kick my sugar habit and I have been eating much healthier and have managed to lose a few pounds. I still have a long way to go but this is a good start and my willpower to eat healthily has remained. I feel confident I can continue to get my body as healthy as possible for pregnancy.

I have just started an ivf cycle and am still enjoying listening to your voice every evening.  You are definitely helping me to relax in what otherwise would be a very stressful time.

I would definitely recommend anyone struggling to deal with their problems and losing their faith in becoming a parent to have a telephone conversation with you.  Your relaxation and visualisation techniques really do help.”

“On the journey of opening to a conscious conception, a woman must often return to the truth of her heart. To a centre of lighted vulnerability that enables the reception of the soul she knows she is here to conceive. This may require a shedding of ‘maleness’ that we have built up around ourselves for protection or even survival. As the layers peel away we can often find ourselves wanting to avoid male therapists, advisors and medics because so many men (despite their best intentions) have not returned to their own true hearts and, therefore, simply cannot fully support a conscious fertility journey. Russell, you stand out as a rare exception to this fact. It seems to me that you have journeyed to the truth of your heart…and back again. Thank you for being you and for sharing your heart. And with this sharing shedding your light on the extraordinary path of consciously conceiving and birthing our babies.”   Sarah, Australia